First Thing that needs to be defined is Regions service operates on. This is done through Regions Menu under Management section.

Using + Add you will be presented with following screen. Here you can set a name for region, set the currency and then draw the region on the map below.


With regions being defined now it's time to set up services. Services are actually the list of options user has to order just like picture below:

In Management->Services You would need to first define service categories using New Category button. After doing so New Service button would appear in same screen so you could add services too. Options to define a service are many making app usable for businesses other than taxi too. Depending on your type of business you can set appropriate options and fee structure in this screen to be presented.

Don't forget to assign service to regions by adding the region from left list (All) to right list (Enabled), If not ordering won't be possible.

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